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Behouden (wel)vaart in de Gouden Bocht

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I organised an small exhibit at the Amsterdam City Archives which included works of me and 5 friends. The exhibit ran from 4 nov 2017 – 14 jan 2018 and was called ‘Wij Kijken Verder’.

The exhibit contained responses to 18th century drawings of Amsterdam and looked at the similarities between then and now. I both designed the campagin image as well as made a piece for the exhibit. I chose to respond to a drawing of a funeral procession. As a sign of wealth you could pay people of stature to join the procession. To be percieved wealthy was something that extended into the afterlife. Displaying wealth in Amsterdam is something that has never left the city’s genes and is still seen in the richest parts of the city today.

Promotional image/poster

Bernard Picart – Ceremonies funèbres comme on les faits a Amsterdam ca. 1730

‘Behouden (wel)vaart in de Gouden Bocht’ (Sustained wealth in the Golden Bend’/’Smooth Sailing in the Golden Bend’), 2017

Digital illustration

Printed on Di-bond

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