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L’oiseau Bleu

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So sometimes you get asked to do something and you just can’t say no. Because of the backstory (and also the finished piece) this one remains one of my favorite works ever done.

Back in early february I was asked to do a mural. But not just any mural, a mural at a school for severely handicapped childeren. This was the Tyltylschool in Rotterdam. It was part of a project to clean up the playground, for which maintanence had been long overdue. The school (and type of education) is named after a early 20th¬†century opera: “L’oiseau Bleu” by Albert Wolff. It tells the story of two childeren Tyltyl and Mytyl who, after a dream, give their blue bird (l’oiseau bleu in French) to the sick daughter of their neighbor. After seeing the bird, she is inexplicably cured.

Needless to say, I needed to incorporate this into the mural. Below are pictures of the proces from making the mold to finished product.

I’d also like to thank my buddy Tim for helping me out. I could not have done this in the 5,5 hours that was alotted for this.

Furthermore I’d like to dedicate this mural to Cocky Frowein. After years of loyal support she lost her battle to cancer this March

Here’s a (sort of) step-by-step of the entire process

1) early sketch

L'oiseau Bleu final website 7 2. 2) the winning design

L'oiseau Bleu final website 83. 3) Some illustrator-ing later: creating the mold to be used for the tracing aspect. Cat for scale

L'oiseau Bleu final website 4

4) taping the mold to the wall to outline the bird. Rinse and repeat for the pink fields

L'oiseau Bleu final website 5

5) Tim decided to show up and recite Des’ree’s ‘Life’ all afternoon

L'oiseau Bleu final website 6

6) cut out all the middle-part bullshit and you got yourself a mural. This took a lot longer than you’d think. The wall wasn’t very drip-friendly.

L'oiseau Bleu final website 2

7) The finished piece

L'oiseau Bleu final website 3

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